You need to know that...

The team of Inloop Cinema is composed from Antonio Bravo (Wedding Cinematographer) and Mally Rios (Producer and Editor); We are happily married and with a crescent pasion for the Wedding Cinematography.

The cinematography became a passion of our lives, and engine that push us to be better everyday, on every production we put hearth and soul.

Finally... Be sure that if you put the production of your wedding film on our hands, we will film it as our own, every time you play it you will relive over and over again that incredible day on an emotional way.

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The way to your wedding...

Inloop Cinema have the certain that your wedding is not only the big day, if not they are a lot of important moments that need to be filmed.

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Sure someone important can't be with you the wedding day but with Inloop Cinema nobody need to lose the great moment. Yes!!! We can stream.

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same day edit

Surprise everybody and surprise you with this unique edition that will be projected the wedding day, share with all your guest all the happenings of the day, even the thing that happen minutes before.

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save the date

Give the announcement of your wedding on a innovative way, with this edition your guest wouldn't forget to Save The Date.